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Come and work with us – Recruitment for Commons Coordinator and Farm Conservation Coordinator

With interviews planned for our Project Director next week, we are now recruiting other key members of our team - a Commons Coordinator and a Farm Conservation Coordinator.

The Commons Coordinator will be working with Commons Associations and a wide range of stakeholders to help them develop a vision and management plan for each common that will deliver nature enhancement and other public benefits alongside food production.

The Farm Conservation Coordinator will be working with farmers to develop plans to maintain a resilient, profitable farm business via regenerative, low carbon, high nature agricultural management that balances environmental and economic benefits.

If you think you have the skills and enthusiasm for either of these roles, you can find more about the roles and how to apply in the job descriptions below.

Farm Conservation Coordinator Job-Desciption
Download PDF • 105KB

Commons Coordinator-Job-Desciption
Download PDF • 104KB

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